The workshop will take a focus on discussing today’s important IS engineering problems that could be solved by achieving capability to embody software solutions capturing changes in business context for supporting sustainable run-time management of business. The main purpose of the workshop is to act as a forum for discussions by researchers and practitioners addressing co-development issues in their work on the basis of a capability-driven approach. To this end, the workshop will encourage research contributions from a wide set of co-contributing fields such as Information Systems Engineering, Strategic Management, and Systems Thinking as well as industrial case studies illustrating their uses.

ASDENCA Workshop website:

Workshop paper submission deadline: 03 March 2017
Workshop: 12 June 2017

Cognitive aspects in information systems engineering (ISE) have been acknowledged to be as important as technical aspects, which have traditionally been in the center of attention. COGNISE brings together academics and practitioners from different communities, such as requirements engineering, software architecture, design, and programming, who share interest in cognitive aspects. It seeks a better understanding of the cognitive processes and challenges practitioners experience, when performing ISE activities, and enhanced development supporting tools and educational programs that better fit our natural cognition. The workshop aims at discussing the current state of ongoing research, industry needs, future trends, and sharing practical experiences.

COGNISE Workshop website:

Abstract submission: 24 February 2017
Workshop paper submission deadline: 03 March 2017
Workshop: 13 June 2017

EOMAS is a flagship annual event of the Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group on Modeling And Simulation (SIGMAS). In modern enterprises, business process management, decision making, and modeling and simulation (M&S) all play a significant role. The main focus of EOMAS is on the role, importance, and application of modeling and simulation within the extended organizational and enterprise context. This context implies that systems and software applications are designed to enable certain business processes, and to facilitate interaction of the actors, the system, and the environment. Thus, application of modeling and simulation in this extended context involves a number of socio-technical aspects (Information Systems (IS), Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Software Systems, and Business Systems, Business Processes, Human Interaction, etc.), as well as technical challenges as security, big data, etc. EOMAS has been designed to provide a quality research outlet and networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and educators interested in the development and application of modeling and simulation within the enterprise and organizational context.

EOMAS Workshop website:

Workshop paper submission deadline: 03 March 2017
02 April 2017 (extended)
Workshop: 12 - 13 June 2017

A socio-technical perspective sees an organization as a combination of two systems – a social system and a technical system. The real pattern of behaviour in the organization is determined by the interaction of two. While analysing management problems of getting things done by people, adequate consideration should be given to technology as well as informal and formal interactions of people. Despite that a socio-technical perspective has been around for over a half century, it is often forgotten in the IS discourse today. Consequently, many “new approaches” appear to reflect on IS systems problems, such as modern IT systems poorly adjusted to the external or/and internal environment (e.g. market, organizational culture) of organizations in which they are (to be) deployed. STPIS will look at the social-technical perspective in IS research, practice and teaching.

STPIS Workshop website:

1st call: Workshop paper submission deadline: 03 March 2017
2nd call: Workshop paper submission deadline: 03 April 2017
Workshop: 13 June 2017

The first workshop on Teaching for Smart Information Systems and Smart Information Systems for Teaching (T4SIS4T) aims to foster discussion on innovative approaches to teach information systems subjects, as well as on how to leverage the power of information technology to create smart learning environments that improve the teaching and learning of complex subjects. T4SIS4T solicits theoretical as well as experience papers.

T4SIS4T Workshop website:

Abstract submission: 24 February 2017
Workshop paper submission deadline: 03 March 2017
Workshop: 13 June 2017


The proceedings of presentation-oriented workshops will be published as one volume in the Springer LNBIP series.

Workshop Chairs

Andreas Metzger

paluno, Univ. of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Anne Persson

Univ. of Skoevde, Sweden