Prof. Dr. Jorge Sanz
LIST, Luxembourg and NUS, Singapore

The Need for Modularizing Industries and Accelerating Digital Transformation in Enterprises - Could productivity be significantly improved and innovation revamped for growth in the world’s economy?

In this talk, the need and challenge to build modular models of operations in industries will be addressed. While modularization or componentization has been studied and applied in the context of certain enterprise operations, the focus has been generally limited to certain most-mature processes. If we are to realize a significant economy of scale, enterprises across similar segments of an industry or even Lines of Business (LoBs) across different industries will need to undertake a much deeper level of identifying common components across their organizations and benefit from new and significant savings as well as innovation.


Prof. Dr. Jorge Sanz has over 30 years of applied research and consulting experience. He has specialized in financial services, telecommunications and government for the Americas, Europe and Asia. He works in operations strategy and on the application of information technology for transforming organizations. He has worked at different times in IBM, as a Director on international assignments and also, for over 20 years in the Research Division located in Sillicon Valley, California.

Jorge conducts analytical modeling for business problems in companies, with applications in process innovation for front-office and back-office operations, and enterprise performance management in firms. He specializes in predictive models for large data sets and infrastructure for data-centric computing applied to different lines-of-business such as Finance and Accounting and Customer Operations.

Jorge leads international academic and professional communities in Business Analytics, Business Informatics and Enterprise Engineering. He is a frequent key-note speaker on the interplay between business and IT in international conferences. He has been Rector of the University of St. Andrews, has held different professorial positions in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has also been a Visiting Professor in the University of California.

Jorge works today as Director of the Business Analytics Centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS), holds a Visiting Professor position at the NUS School of Computing and teaches Business Analytics for graduate students in NUS Business School as well. He is also the Chief Innovation Officer for Retail Banking in IBM Corporation. He actively consults for Asian, European and American companies.

Jorge is Fellow of the IEEE Society.